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London Weather : 5 day

With our great British obsession for all things weather, it's not surprising that so many people want to know what the weather forecast is going to be.  We certainly get our fair share of weather in this country, with conditions changeable from one day to the next and even one hour to the next on certain days.  Why is it so variable?  Well, it is dependent upon many factors, not the least of which is that we are an island.  Largely moist air is blown in from the West coast, and quite a lot of this is dropped as rain or snow onto Wales, which forces the air to rise and cool as it is pushed over the mountains.  Then we have the Gulf Stream, which passes along the same coast and to the tip of Scotland and beyond, warming the sea and heating the air around the coast.  Cold winds can be blown down from the far North at times, causing severe drops in temperature, and during hot summers we sometimes experience hot air currents flowing up from the South of Europe. 

London is no exception, with changeable weather day by day, depending upon wind and temperature fluctuations and whether the wind is blowing from the land or the coast.

Generally, the longer the forecast in the future, the less likely it is to be accurate.  However, the forecast summary for the next five days or ten days, is likely to give us a good indication of changeability and can be very accurate where the weather is a bit more settled.  It can also give us a fair indication of the general pattern and help us to make a decision about the next five to ten days worth of plans if we study the way the forecast changes each day - and therefore it is still a useful forecast to study.

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