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High visibility clothing

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Quite a few items actually make up what is described as high visibility clothing: vests, coats, trousers to name but a few, and in some European countries like France and Spain you are required to carry high visibilty vests in your vehicle by law. This came into effect in France on July 1st 2008 and there are on the spot fines for non compliance.

This clothing of course is designed to be seen, or at least make the wearer seen, and more often than not is flourescent orange or yellow - pretty ghastly colours but they do what's intended and that is to make you noticed. Part of the surface of the garment may have retroreflective stripes. This way they become much more visible in the dark for observers near a light source, such as the driver of a car with its headlights on. The pattern of the retroreflecting parts also helps to distinguish between objects and people. For greater visibility during the daytime, very bright colours are used for the main body of the garment by means of fluorescent material.

High Visibility Waistcoat 2 Band Brace Yellow flourescent vests start at about ?2.00 rising to just over ?20 for the high visibility super waterproof breathable jackets. Trousers are also cheap and range from about ?8.50 up to ?16 for high visibility two tone trousers.

Last update: 30.06.2016