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Property for sale in Vendee

The Vendee is sun soaked, that much is for sure. It is one of the Departments situated on the Western coast of France alongside the Bay of Biscay. The area has three main industries: Agriculture which often means cider apples, fishing, and tourism.

As a family we are somewhat biased in favour of the Vendee as a holiday area, the magic of places like St Jean de Monts never fades from the memory. It's a nice, bustling little town with a twice weekly market, super shops and some of the best beaches it's possible to come across. We think that taking the ferry to St Malo is the best bet with roughly a 3 hour drive south west to St Jean - providing that is that you get onto the Nantes P?riph?rique, or ring road, which is signposted 4 KM before the turn off - otherwise your journey will be considerably longer, be warned.

There is usually quite a lot of property advertised for sale in the Vendee, the Immobiliers (French estate agents) normally have brochures outside their premises so you can take one and browse at leisure. To be honest, I have never thought the area to be cheap, but there again, we have really only investigated the coastal towns where property prices are always that much more expensive anyway.

Anyway, I have listed some websites below which deal with property for sale in the Vendee area of France, and if you deal with French property you could have your pages listed here by first contacting us.

Leggett Immobilier - French estate agents - these guys seem to pop up all over but not in high SE placements.They have loads of property for sale in the Vendee area, houses, land etc, you name it. I like this site because it isn't too cluttered like some others. Also it is Tri Lingual in English, French and Dutch. Definitely a friendly little site and well worth looking at. ED

Last update: 20.06.2018