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There is no difference in the quality of gas from one supplier to another so it is in our best interests to find the cheapest source for our house and/or business.

Gas prices really took off in September 2005 when British Gas announced a swingeing 14% price hike in supplies of gas to the UK domestic user, and whilst British Gas have never been the most cost efficient supplier for either domestic or business use, that price increase encouraged people to look around to find the cheapest gas provider they can.

Ever since then we poor householders have seen our utility prices rise ever higher than the cost of living average at a time when many of us have faced severe financial restraints. Strangely enough we have not benefitted when oil prices, which dictate the cost of gas have fallen, but we have always been hit when the cost of crude oil has risen.

This is pretty much the same scenario as in the 1970's when there was a poor potato harvest and as a result the prices went through the roof. Chip shops were the main benificiary in this scam as they hiked their charges for a portion of chips that year but "forgot" to reduce them in subsequent years when there was a glut of potatoes on the market. The cost of chips, as with gas, has risen year on year ever since. 

We fully realise that gas suppliers have to make a profit to survive, and of course, to pay a dividend to their shareholders, but at such a cost to the end user? We believe not, and for that reason we are trying to promote what we believe is the cheapest source of gas in the UK.

Last update: 30.06.2016