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Travel insurance France

Travel insurance for visiting and driving through France: If you have a site relating to this topic and you would like to see it featured here then please contact us.

France, oh how we Brits love France! With it's differing climes from mountains to beaches, from idyllic countryside hamlets to the bustling cities, Paris, Lyons, Nantes, all with their own historic values. France, famed throughout the world for its cusine and loved by so many as the perfect holiday destination. However, even though we are all in the EU we should still consider travel insurance for France. Accidents happen, people get ill and the first question you will be asked when visiting hospital as a client is, "do you have insurance?" It could prove inconvenient if you haven't

Travel insurance shouldn't just cover you and your party for illness alone, it should also cover your belongings, whatever vehicle you may be using there, theft, loss of credit cards, accidents and in the worst scenario should cover bringing your body back to the UK.

Some friends of ours went to the Vendee region of France in 2006, had a wonderful holiday and were involved in an accident on the way back to the port prior to coming back to England. They had a rather bad time of things because their car, although insured was not fully comprehensive, and this led to problems with their insurers when they got back home. It could have been far worse than that. They could have needed hospitalisation, and although we are in the same EU as France it makes things far easier for hospitals to get their money back if you have a good travel insurance policy.

Travel insurance when visiting France will give you peace of mind and allow you to fully enjoy your stay in that most delightful country.

Last update: 20.06.2018