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Plus size tankini | Tankini maternity | Tankini swimming costumes

We have sourced a few sites which we believe represent good value in plus size tankinis.

http://www.bohn.uk.com/ - Plus size swimwear is designed to enhance, shape and support you while you swim. Our range of plus size swimwear, which includes the tankini, has been hand selected to make you look good and feel confident when you are in the pool or at the beach

Pinkfridge - The tankini swimsuit is a godsend for the modern plus size woman. This contemporary style of swimwear ? a tank top teamed with a bikini-style bottom ? has found its way into Webster?s New Millennium Dictionary and the hearts of women everywhere. Comfort makes the tankini swimsuit ideal for maternity wear, and it?s perfect for minimizing plus size body areas like the hips and waist...

Last update: 20.06.2018