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Flowers for sympathy

Send flowers to express your sympathy.

When we send a message of condolence to a friend, neighbour or relative who has recently suffered the loss of a loved one we often buy a pre-worded card 'In sympathy' or 'With deepest sympathy' and very often these cards are kept forever by the loved one?s partner, to look at a year hence or reflect on in 30 years time. Indeed, they are often treasured so much they are passed down the family line.

Sending a sympathy message is a lovely gesture and it reflects our feelings and respect for the deceased, but the relatives of the deceased would appreciate a bunch of flowers or a bouquet ? something to help brighten their day at what is possibly the bleakest time of their lives.

You can send a sympathy message with flowers quite cheaply ? anything from a single flower to a complete bouquet, depending on your budget. The flowers you choose can either be sent to the surviving relative or directly to the funeral home.

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Last update: 07.07.2016