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Spain: short breaks

Spain is one of those countries which allow you to take short holiday breaks there by air, boat or car. From the south coast of England to the Green Coast of Spain by boat probably takes 24 hours and you can travel on from there with your car to drive around the countryside in the very area where lots of Spanish take their holidays when they stay at home.

Of course, by air you can access any part of Spain in just over a couple of hours flying time, spend a few days there and return on a budget carrier. Or you can do it the hard way and motor down the west coast of France and cross over into Spain just below St Jean de Luz which is near Bayonne, or again, motor through France and cross over near to Perpignan to enter Spain on the Costa Brava coast. So all in all the country is very accessible for any those of short breaks which all have their individual merits.

Self drive holidaymakers have the best choice of all becuase to them the driving on foreign roads is all an enjoyable part of the holiday, and not only that, but they can take all or most of their creature comforts with them in the car.

Those who favour going by ferry are not outdone in the enjoyment stakes either as the ferrry journey to Santander or Bilbao is h=ugely enjoyable so long as the Bay of Biscay is relatively calm, but sadly one never knows if that will be so until one gets there - and you simply cannot just get off!

So, the other alternative to taking short breaks away in Spain is by air, and we have to say that this is by far and away the most popular method of transport becasue although your luggage wight is severly limited by budget airlines you can at least hire a car to get around in once you get there.

Fancy some winter sun to re charge your batteries? Simply hop on a plane and for roughly ?30 you can be in Malaga area of southern Spain in a matter of two and a half hours. Great for a weekend of blue skies and mild weather in the middle of the British winter! OK, it can and does snow down there but severe weather days in winter are as rare as hen's teeth compared to the misery we have to endure here in the UK.

So, why not do some forward planning, take a few days off work with Swine Flu and have a couple of short breaks in sunny Spain this winter?

Last update: 04.07.2016