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Silk Specialities - Our Silk Wedding Flowers and Home Decor items are of the highest quality. We strive to provide you with the most realistic, life-like and botanically correct Silk Flowers. Our florals are complimented by the finest designer-selected accessories and luxury ribbons. Well, they certainly won't wilt will they? No need to put them in water either. Yes, silk wedding flowers are pretty well everlasting, as long lasting in fact as we hope your wedding will be (far longer in some cases), but the editor of this page is ever the optimist and doesn't believe that comment will apply to you.

Silk wedding bouquets are designed and hand created using the most beautiful silk flowers available, and the more creative companies have their own designers which means that your wedding flowers are unique to you.

Silk flowers, bouquets, single stems are a practical solution to more than one problem at wedding - as aforesaid, they wilt not, they can be ordered and delivered to you well in advance of the wedding rather than at the last moment, all of which means that you have one less thing to think about at this hugely busy time. Think ye not that silk wedding flowers are restricted to the Bride's use. Oh no! There are silk flowers to cater for every aspect of a wedding including buttonholes for the Groom and  his Best Man and the Usher etc. right up to and including huge silk floral displays for the reception tables.

All in all silk flowers have rather a lot going for them - they are versatile to say the least. They enjoy longetivity and can be used more than once should the situation arise.

We wish you all the very best for your forthcoming wedding and hope the silk flowers you choose exceed your expectations in every respect

Decoflora  - Our fabulous silk Wedding collection comes in a range of colours from traditional white or cream through to deep burgundy, pinks, terracottas and other colourways with a choice from our exciting range of bouquets, posies and decorations to make both bride and bridemaids look even more beautiful on that special day. All flowers are of the highest quality silk to guarantee an allergy free day and ensure that your flowers look just as good when you celebrate your wedding anniversary as they did on the day you married

Last update: 20.07.2018