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Paddington was previously a metropolitan borough, though Paddington is now an area of the City of Westminster in Central London, integrated with Westminster and Greater London in 1965. Some important landmarks of the district are Paddington station, designed by the great engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and opened in 1847; St Mary's Hospital and Paddington Green police station which is the most important high-security police station in the United Kingdom.

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Background information on Paddington
Paddington, of course, is a household name - probably to most people who live outside London when asked to say why it is famous may reply that they believe it is because of Paddington Bear or Paddington Station, most famous for it's presence on the monopoly board.

But there is a huge amount more to this area of London than the station or paddington Bear for that matter. Indeed, there is something called the Paddington Bid or PBID, and here we quote from their official website:-

"Paddington BID delivers projects which bring more customers to the area and encourage tourists to stay and spend their money there. It works to re-position Paddington as a leisure destination and eating-out quarter, surrounded by a strong commercial and residential environment. Whilst the BID is creating a step change in people's perceptions of Paddington it is also about building a strong business voice for the area."

So, the movers and shakers in the Paddington heirarchy seem to be on the ball and in tune with what the area wants and needs for it's occupants and the business sector which provides the revenue to keep the place going. That being the case, what do you think about moving your business here?

Moving your business here could be highly beneficial to your company as there are currently quite a number of specialist property companies offering high quality serviced office space at reasonable prices. Get in whilst the going's good we say, especially as the modern day Paddington is anything but rural and is a bustling district with a large choice of hotels, from budget bed and breakfast to luxurious five star establishments.

It is certainly well worth taking the time to consult a specialist in these matters rather than going in blind as it were because you may well find that not only is a move in your best interests, given a  close inspection of the project you could find that you cannot afford not to move here.

Last update: 11.07.2016