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The area has an extremely good infastructure of business types from the most humble breakfast restaurant to the Brazilian Embassy on Green Street, but let us not forget Baker Street, especially 221b which has been immortalised by Conan Doyle as the home of Sherlock Holmes, one of our most famous fictional characters.

The business infastructure represented here includes virtually type of company which could give support to any new business which happens to move into the neighbourhood from accountants and antique dealers, florists, gift shops and Internet cafes to newsagents, travel specialists and estate agents who have a thriving line in office space rentals.

This last suggests that businesses are on the move to areas like Marble Arch, in fact councils representing areas such as the Arch more or less put out the welcome mat for them, which begs the question, "Could this be the right time for you to transfer your business activities to somewhere like the Arch?"

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Background information on Marble Arch

Whilst we are aware that most people know that Marble Arch is somewhere in London, quite a good few don't know precisely where it is: Marble Arch is the white Carrara-marble monument at the junction of Oxford Street, Park Lane, and Edgware Road, and almost opposite Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park. The arch is set on a large traffic island, which also includes a very small park, and the traffic island is directly across from the Marble Arch tube station.

The nearest London Underground station is Marble Arch on the Central Line, and the area around the arch forms a major road junction connecting Oxford Street to the east, Park Lane to the south, Bayswater Road to the west, and Edgware Road to the north-west. The short road directly to the north of the arch is also known as Marble Arch.

Marble Arch is also the name of the locality in west London where the arch is situated, in particular the southern portion of Edgware Road. As an historical note we have found that only members of the royal family and the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery, have been allowed to pass through the arch in ceremonial procession.

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Last update: 11.07.2016