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Traditionally Holborn is the home of the legal profession and the Inns of Court, ancient legal centres, were located here to symbolising the law as a mediator in the battle for power between the City and Westminster. There are still four surviving Inns: Lincoln's Inn, Gray's Inn, Middle Temple and Inner Temple. The courtyards and passageways of these Inns are a quiet oasis from the busy capital.

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Background information on Holborn

Though most people are roughly aware of Holborn is they may not know how to pronounce the word and we have been told by experts that the correct pronunciation is Hoe-barn or even Hoe-bun. Whatever, it is an area of Central London and is also the name of the area's principal east-west street, running as High Holborn from St Giles's High Street to Gray's Inn Road.

Some famous people past and present who were born in or who have had significant connections with Holborn are Barry Sheene MBE, Eric Morley who founded the Miss World competition many years ago, Sir John Barbirolli, and Charles Dickens who lived in Doughty Street.

Wikipedia states that, "The area's first mention is in a charter of Westminster Abbey, by King Edgar, dated to 959." This charter mentions "the old wooden church of St Andrew" (St Andrew, Holborn), and the name Holborn may be derived from the Middle English "hol" for hollow, and bourne, a brook, referring to the River Fleet as it ran through a steep valley to the east

We always find that some areas of business thrive even in a recession, and in our view that applies to the letting agents, property agents and possibly estate agents whose business it is to rent or let out office space, either serviced or unserviced, and looking through adverts in the locality one can see comments such as these:-

"Definitely a good office to work from. Need affordable office space? This building is cheap to lease and popular with all companies. Spacious suites set in a great location with all facilities available."

To us it appears apparent that the letting agents have sound common sense, and whilst they are seeking tenants for their clients, they are also level headed enough to realise that the recession is still with us, and so are happy to lure them in by offering realistic rental properties.

Now when we hear of anyone in the property business employing "realistic" as part of their sales terminology it is time to grasp the nettle and make a move, or at least look a little deeper into moving your company to Holborn.

Last update: 11.07.2016