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This sector of London has all the necessary small business infastructure which comes together to make a joined up community - restaurants, plumbers, electricians, driving schools, dentists, estate agents etc, and indeed, there is no shortage of facilities which are a direct help to anyone moving here and taking up new office space, serviced or not.

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Background information on Camden

Camden has markets, is famous for having markets, the oldest being Inverness Street market, with others going back to the 1970's; the Lock market, Buck Street market, Stables market, Camden Lock village, and an indoor market in the Electric Ballroom.

At weekends these markets become major tourist attractions, selling goods of all types including fashion, lifestyle, books, food, junk/antiques and more bizarre items.All these are very popular, especially with the younger set searching for "alternative" clothing.

Camden has some notable residents both past and present in Dylan Thomas who owned a house at 54 Delancey Street for a couple of years until his death in 1953, playwright Alan Bennett has lived in Gloucester Crescent for many years, and Beryl Bainbridge lived in Albert Street from the 1960s until her death in 2010, and lastly, the singer Morrissey lived in Camden Town sometime in the 1990s. Of course there are many others too numerous to name here

Camden has excellent transport links and is a major hub for London Buses. Most night buses in north London stop in Camden Town.

The Underground station is near the markets and other attractions and is a key interchange station for the Bank, Charing Cross, Edgware and High Barnet Northern Line branches.

To quote a Camden councillor speaking in July 2010 at a welcome meeting for new businesses in the area, ""Camden has an incredibly diverse economy. There are so many opportunities in the borough and a range of support available to businesses from the council."

Could statements from councillors like the one above be just what you have been waiting for, a wake up call for you to consider making a move to Camden, something which persuades you to make the transition and join other upwardly moving businesses in Camden? We hope so for your sake, as right now your competitors are taking up the challenge.

Last update: 11.07.2016