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Scotland: Short breaks

Have you ever noticed that the further north you drive the less traffic you see? 'Tis a fact though because apart from the cities the population thins out as we go northwards, and by the time you reach Scotland it is pretty peaceful on the roads. Pretty much like driving in France in a way. We opine that this because Scotland is nigh on the same size in area as England but has a total population less than London. Again, this is similar to France where you have a country twice the size of the UK but with appoximately the same sized population.

And all of the above has little or no bearing on the topic for this page which is supposed to be about short breaks away in Scotland. If you go there your visit could be for one of several reasons: you like Scottish cities and the abundant history that they have amassed over the centuries or, you are visiting to see the Edinburgh Tattoo or, you love the scenery, which just has to be the main reason for people taking their short breaks there.

The west coast is famous for being the mildest area of Scotland and that is because warm the Gulf Stream just offshore warms the mainland for roughly 50 miles inshore. They are able to grow palm trees there and crops grow at a prodigious rate because of the mild conditions. Of course, this mild weather even in winter makes that region a Godsend for anyone wanting to take a mini holiday without travelling too far.

But this page isn't just about driving holidays in Scotland, though to be fair we believe that is the best way of seeing the countryside, it is about the actual country and there is more than one way of getting there. Flights to most of the major cities in Scotland are pretty cheap these days, but beware of the small print and be careful to follow the booking instructions to the letter or you will find that the more avaricious airlines such as Ryanair will have thought up some way of charging you a premium for not checking in for your return flight etc.

Coach travel is good and is also usually attractively priced for short breaks. To have a professional driver taking you all over Scotland on a return trip is a proposition worthy of consideration as it relieves you of the stress of driving for once.

Last update: 04.07.2016