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Floor sanding in London. London floor sanding company

Floor Renovations have been carrying out floor sanding in London since 2006 and have an excellent reputation for delivering high quality sanding and sealing for London clients. Based on Barnet, North London, they serve all of London area. Their reputation is such that they gain most of their business through recommendations and referrals from previous clients.

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Here is a testimonial from a recent client, in their own words.

Floor sanding London testimonial for Floor Renovations

"... I've used Floor Renovations- I'm very happy with the work,
they've done a wonderful job on my floor and I'm very happy to recommend them."
Tom Mc Nulty

Why sand wooden floors?

A wooden floor is a huge asset for a building if it is kept in good condition. As with many things, if you keep the wooden floor in good condition, and repair minor issues early on, you will keep your floor in tip-tip condition for longer. Often all that is needed is sanding and re varnishing, although any cracks and damage should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent the damage worsening.

London floor sanding gallery

Click on any of the floor sanding pictures below, to see a larger version and to be able to click backwards and forwards between them.

London floor before sanding London floor before sanding
Same floor after sanding Same floor after sanding
Dark floor partially sanded Dark floor partially sanded
Floor after sanded Floor after sanded
Painted floor needs a sand! Painted floor needs a sand!
Floor stripped sanded and varnished Floor stripped sanded and varnished

You can see from the above, that the level of work is carried out to a very high standard.  Floors are sanded with care, in a manner that protects the house, with very little dust and produces a high quality finish.

Last update: 20.09.2016