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Our property section has been set off by advertising flats and apartments in Spain and Portugal, not with the greatest of success at first. Our eventual intention is to be able to place both individual properties for sale, rent or hire into the forefront of the surfing public, eg., a specific house or flat in a named town as well as being able to help multi national companies sell, rent or let out their property portfolios. Our property section will eventually be huge and will deal with properties on a worldwide basis as the demand for them grows in this ever shrinking world.

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This section will include renovation of various parts of properties. Sections are listed below as they are added.

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Over the past ten years there was a huge demand for second home ownership abroad by Brits, be it in France, Spain or the Cape Verde Islands which at present are flavour of the month. Having a second home somewhere in the sun is the dream of many, many Brits, and with the seemingly ever increasing house prices in the UK felt able to part mortgage their property to fund the second one abroad. Personally I would settle for a nice little house in SW France and move there lock, stock and barrel.

Last update: 15.09.2016