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Privacy Policy for Live Listings

Cookie use - what does it mean?

Certain aspects of advertising on this site require the use of cookies - small snippets of code which are held by your browser, and used to track your progress when you click adverts on the site.  Certain advertiers, including Google Ads, use cookies, in order to track the fact that you clicked through on an advert. 

Affiliates also use cookies, to trace whether you have purchased one you clicked through.

IF you don't want cookies to be used, you can switch them off in your browser, but you may find that certain functionality of website stops working - like sites that remember you when you come back, or if you want to shop online.

These cookies are pretty harmless, and are very low key.  So why are we telling you about them?  Well, you have a choice a) whether you click through and b) whether you want to use them in the first place.

Sites are now required to tell you by law if they use cookies (as of 25th May 2011). See the following link for information :



You can easily opt-out of the collection and use of information for ad targeting using www.aboutads.info/choices which allows management of these cookies within a simple interface, letting you switch the tracking on and off as you wish.


Other information:

LiveListings will only use your information when submitted, for the purposes of fulfilling your enquiry or order and during the normal trading of our company. 

Your information may be passed to third parties where they are a subcontractor or associate, who are necessary for the correct answering or fulfilling of your requirements. 

Your e-mail address and private information will not be sold to third parties for the purposes of marketing, nor will it be used for e-mail mailshots to you, unless you have expressly asked for this. 

Last update: 27.05.2016