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Paris short breaks

Experts in the subject (are there any?) know how many visitors take short breaks in Paris compared to London or any other European capital city, but surely Paris must be in the running for the top slot, not only because of the attractions there but also for the sense of romance which Paris exudes like sap from a rubber plant.

Paris is one of the most spectacular sightseeing cities in the world and has a wealth of history and culture. There are countless art galleries, scores of top museums and stunning historical monuments there is something to please every visitor.

Not only that but the Parisian authorities have cleaned up all the streets,and those which were previously dotted with Poodle poo are now fit to walk on. Those same Parisian fathers (and mothers as well) have seen fit to issue what is called the Paris Pass which has been specially designed for sightseeing visitors to Paris and includes everything you will need for a great trip whilst saving you both time and money.

Very briefly, the 4 day Paris Pass which costs a bargain ?125.00and includes a Metro pass and masses of other things like a Paris Museum Pass, which gives free entrance to over 55 of Paris' world famous museums and monuments, including the Louvre, Mus?e d?Orsay, Arc de Triomphe etc, the Additional Attractions entry - free entry to Paris' best attractions including a Seine River Cruise, Mus?e Gr?vin, Tour Montparnasse and a Wine Tasting experience,

A Free 120+ page Guidebook is included in the Pass as well as Free Public Transport - with a Metro Travelcard giving you unlimited travel on the Metro, buses and RER within central Paris.

We cannot possibly list the masses and masses of Paris attractions here, some of which are inherent and particular to the city such as couples sitting outside a riverside caf?, whispering and holding hands, for this is the city for romantics and lovers who come from all over Europe to take their short breaks in this city of art and culture.

Last update: 04.07.2016