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Natural skin care products

Aloe, of the genus Asphodelaceae family, is related to asparagus and onions surprisingly enough, and though the Aloe genus occurs naturally in Africa, other members of the family occur as household plants and can be found thoughout the world. There are over 180 species and 2,200 varieties of Aloe, and it is from one of these that natural skin care products are produced. Probably the most widely known of the Aloe family is Aloe Vera which has many and varied medicinal uses, and is now most notably used throughout the cosmetics industry as a natural skin care product

The moisture form the Aloe Vera leaves is extracted and made into the popular gels most people are familiar with. In more recent years, it has become more popular than ever and has found its way into skin lotions, cosmetic products, shampoos, lip balms, soaps and sunscreens. Some Aloe Vera benefits include a strong moisturising capacity, and its extract contains a number of vitamins and minerals that are believed to promote healthy skin.

The Miracle of Aloe for Beautiful, Healthier Skin
Science is now proving what naturalists have known throughout the ages: natural aloe vera contains six antiseptic agents that fight infections, three analgesics to reduce pain and at least three anti-inflammatory agents.

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