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Web Directory listings - are they worthwhile or not?

One way to increase your website popularity and, therefore, your eventual search engine placements, is by applying for listings in a web directory or directories. Eventually you will find that traffic will be directed to your site from the better directories - don't even bother with a directory that has no PR (pagerank) because you may be the only person that has visited it this century! So, some directory listings are important, especially to new websites which need all the help which they can get.

When you apply for directory listings you may well find that you are asked for a reciprocal link - in other words the directory won't list your site unless you link your back to them. If the directory has a low PR - 1, 2 or 3 then the chances are that even if you receive a link from them it will carry little or no weight in the eyes of Google etc when it comes down to determining your SE placements. In the main these are FREE directory listings in that in most cases you are not asked to make a hole in your plastic just to be listed. The best directory listings are the ones where you can apply to be listed without giving a link back to them.

Should you pay for directory listings? Good question and there are arguements for both yes and no answers. From one point of view, Google in particular does not like listings (links) to be bought and sold, and there have been cases where sites have been penalised for doing just this. On the other hand, Yahoo is and always has been, the prime mover in selling listings in it's directory to the tune of $299 (?150 ish in real money) per year! Yahoo listings carry quite a lot of weight when Google takes them into account for your PR and placements. So why isn't Yahoo penalised? Pass on that - other than to say that it may be just a tad too big, so is there one law for the big guys like Yahoo and another for the rest of us? Pass again but it certainly looks that way. 

However you conduct your listings (links) campaign it is wise to set a monthly limit on how many you gather - it isn't for us to tell you what to do but personally I would set a limit of 20 per month maximum.

Finally, when you have gathered a shed load of directory listings be patient! They will not all be recognised at once and it may well take several months for their affects to become noticeable.

Best of luck, ED

Last update: 06.07.2016