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When researching concert listings for this page (hardly the largest or most complicated category on the Internet) we were astonished to find such a dearth of information about the websites themselves and the concerts they purport to list! There are quite a few sites near to the top of the search engines which really shouldn't be there at all. So what is the purpose of our page then? Well, we aim to show you a handful of what we consider to be the better sites that are not quite as high in the SE placements as we think they should be. What we have to offer you is pretty grim, so if you are looking after the listings of your local/national concert then please drop us a mail at sales@livelistings.co.uk and we will add you, where appropriate. 

Concert listings around the UK

Plymouth Classical Music - Classical music concert diary listings for the Plymouth, UK, area. Independent month-by-month diary with full details of all types of classical concerts in and around.....Plymouth Classical Music is a non-commercial website run to help classical concertgoers in the Plymouth area and to support local music organisations in publicising their activities

Last update: 08.07.2016