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We have cobbled together this page for club listings by pulling in sites from any old where, but if our stats tell us that there is enough interest in this sort of thing then we will be very happy to make club listings pages for the major UK towns and cities, ie London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield or wherever you want - please let us know, but be sensible about it cos we ain't making pages about club listings for your local pub!  Mail us at sales@livelistings.co.uk with the heading "Club listings" in the subject bar - No naughty clubs either, you hear? :-)


The Fixture List: Cricket club listings - The definitive listing of cricket clubs. All sites on this list are regularly checked to ensure that the site URL is correct and that the site is being updated on a regular basis. Some sites on the list have not been updated for the current season but are included as we feel that they provide useful information about the club concerned

Wedgewood Rooms - Club Listings, Wedgewood Rooms, Live Music, Comedy, Club Nights, Portsmouth

Sheffield University - Sports Clubs A to Z Listings. The University of Sheffield has a wide range of student sports clubs. Club Sport pages are continually updated, if you are a club captain or representative please make sure your club information is up to date. If you would like any amendments made to your club page please e-mail the updates via your club e-mail account

Last update: 20.07.2018