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Ladies and women's cashmere jumpers and sweaters

A great site for  Women's Cashmere Jumpers : their collection of luxurious women's cashmere jumpers are shown, each of which cashmere sweaters is available in a range of wonderful colours; to see the colours and to read their customer reviews simply click on the individual jumpers listed.

Who can resist the sensation of cashmere on their skin? Cashmere.com offers a wide range, from cashmere sweaters to cashmere capes. A great place to find your ultimate jumper made of that special material that keeps you warm in no better way. If you Love Cashmere, you'll Love Cashmere.com!

A little information about where the cashmere comes from for all those ladies sweaters.  The best cashmere come from probably Tibet and Mongolia. Where are the best ladies cashmere sweaters made? Almost certainly Scotland and Italy. Others believe that the word cashmere derives from Kasmir, the Northern most province of India is thought to be the origin of cashmere goats, although not all experts agree on this. Others believe that cashmere originates from the Kashmira goats of the Himalayas. Wherever it comes from the goats which provide the cashmere fibres most live at great altitude in varying degrees of cold so it develops a special two in one coat. The outercoat is extremely coarse and wiry, and the inner or undercoat is much softer and silkier.

If you believe all the above then you will agree that it all starts with a goat.... but this is worth reading before you buy and get ripped off!

The Eastern Cashmere Association is a non-profit corporation organised to provide education about cashmere goats and their fibres. Since 1992, Eastern Cashmere Association (ECA) has brought together breeders, fibre artists and others interested in these charming animals and the luxurious fibres they grow. Their newsletter is full of information, insights and inspiration.

Our esteemed associates at Smart Turnout offer a superb range of ladies and men's regimental and sporting jumpers and sweaters; pure wool or supersoft, Scottish cashmere and lambswool.

Last update: 20.06.2018