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Motorhome insurance for driving at home and abroad.

Insurance of any sort is a tedious and boring subject but at the same time it is vitally important to have the policy to cover your needs more than adequately. That being the case we need to look into what you are likely to get for your money when you take out insurance for your motorhome. We believe that you really need a motorhome insurance policy which will provide fully comprehensive cover, whether it's for a converted van, coachbuilt, a-class or even an American RV.

A comprehensive "all risks" policy is ideal as that normally gives insurance for virtually every conceivable mishap, including UK roadside assistance, though there is a standard excess of ?100 in most cases for windscreen replacement. Apart from that you usually get a 24 hour claims helpline with recovery of your motorhome and redelivery after repair and ?3,000 motorhome equipment cover automatically included (Single article limit ?500. Limited to ?1,000 for equipment removed from the motorhome). Other benefits include ?100,000 motor legal expenses, ?10,000 personal accident cover, up to ?500 cover for theft of keys or lock transmitter and ?1000 trailer cover. Those are all quite normal. 

Now all this is for UK drivers, and there is normally a small surcharge if you take a couple of weeks abroad in your motorhome, but if you are contemplating a long journey round Europe (lucky lucky!) then you need to make your plans known to the insurer as there are some things which cost more abroad than they do here. That doesn't necessarily mean that your insurance will cost an arm aqnd a leg compared to a policy for UK driving, but the insurers have to know about it.

Also, if you are doing that you will need to get some extra personal insurance cover just in case you get ill or have a nasty accident abroad, and depending on the country that happens in you may not knock the NHS here ever again! Some places are wonderful to fall ill in, such as France for instance, but there are other EU countries, some in the old Eastern Bloc which are rather different.

Last update: 24.06.2016