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Just as the mortgages and loans sectors of the internet are so extremely competitive, then so is the insurance category. It is impossible for a general directory such as Live Listings to compete with the big boys of the insurance world for any major keyword term, so we have to be content with going for the less popular search phrases by qualifying them with the words "cheap" and "UK" etc to get any sort of decent SE placement.


Vehicle insurance
Cheap car insurance
Minibus insurance
Cheap motorcycle insurance
Motorhome insurance
Car traders insurance
temporary car cover

Travel insurance
Cheap travel insurance
Group travel insurance
Travel insurance for France

Critical illness
Critical illness/death insurance

The one thing that we can offer surfers is information - how many insurance sites have you visited only to be met with a form to fill out before you can get the info you need? We at least supply a certain amount of creditable information on our pages for the surfer to know whether it is worth their time and trouble clicking on the link.


Last update: 24.06.2016