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Flowers: To say I'm sorry

Make ups, break ups, it?s what life and relationships are about. We all make mistakes, and it?s often the most important people in our lives that we hurt. Saying I'm sorry can take courage; depending on the type of mistake, we may be looking at the sad road of rejection, or maybe a temporary stage of the silent treatment.

Whatever the case may be, even if you can?t muster the strength to face the person directly, you can still get the message across. Make the process easier and the apology more likely to be accepted, with the following tips and strategies by sending flowers with a note to say "I'm sorry"

It may be that you wish to say I'm sorry for another reason, illness or to someone who has lost a loved one, but whatever the reason flowers say it all

We hope that some of the sites listed on this page will help you to say I'm sorry across the globe

Flowers for Everyone - Send flowers to a dear one in Australia to say "I'm sorry"

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