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Holidays - taking a short break

For one reason or another it isn't always possible to take our holiday allowance all at once to enable us to have two or three weeks away touring, fishing, camping or whatever, so the next best thing is to take your holidays in lesser amounts and have a few short breaks here and there instead.

That isn't news to a lot of people out there at all because it is quite a normal thing to do, especially if you are "saving up" your holiday allowance for a long trip abroad - somewhere like Australia for instance where you really need to spend a minimum of three weeks, but a month is better because the country is so vast.

There is only one downside that we can think of in taking your holidays this way and that is that you can easily spend more money by taking shorter breaks than a long one if you aren?t very careful. We were reminded of this by some neighbours who went to Scarborough last summer but unfortunately it rained the whole time they were there. The upshot was that to get out of the rain they went into amusement arcades and tried to ?win? cuddly toys with a grab handle at 2o pence a go.

Ok, they had some fun and they returned home with a bin liner chock full of cuddly toys that they had no need for but their total spend in those arcades was just over ?300! They realise now that now that money could have been better spent on another break away somewhere or indeed, anything other than slot machines where your money literally disappears before your very eyes.

Well, they certainly learned their lesson and have vowed never to darken the doors of an amusement arcade as long as they live, and instead they scour the Net for holidays anywhere so long as they offer a cheap short break somewhere nice.


Last update: 04.07.2016