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No wonder the French don't travel far for their holidays: they don't need to because they live in a relatively large country (more than twice the size of the UK) with quite a few different climates - I mean, in August it can be mega hot in Provence for example, so the locals take their holidays somewhere cooler, but still in France, maybe Brittany or Alsace, wherever, but they do love to go self drive and self catering when they take their holidays.

If this is your first self drive camping holiday in France then deciding just where to go and which ferry crossing to use may be something you need to think about, possibly Brittany or the Vendee region on the west coast are good options as you can take a ferry to either Roscoff, Caen or St Malo and be virtually on the doorstep of either region.

Taking your own food is an option for many people, after all you're going to France via self drive and when you get there you'll be self catering so take what you can with you. If you can't fit it in the car then borrow or hire a top box and fill it with tins and packets so that you won't have to use so many precious Euros, because after all, it isn't the fact that holidays to France are expensive, they aren't, but it's what you actually spend when you get there.

We can certainly recommend some areas on the west coast such as St Jean de Monts which is a haven for camping holidays and a very popular place for Brit visitors. St Jean de M is very roughly 3 hours from the St Malo ferry port, and a little further from Cherbourg and Caen. The beaches there are wonderful and there are plenty of Blue Flag beaches to choose from.

La Tranche sur Mer is another popular resort in the Vendee, and though it is a tad further south than St Jean it only takes the same amount of time to get there (better roads at the tail end of the journey. La Tranche is near the south end of the Vendee region whilst St Jean is near to the north, but in between the two are some really nice resorts which you could well take a look at before making a decision about your self drive venture.

St Hilaire de Riez has attracted quite a few of the major tour operators in recent years and you will see their banners alongside their French counterparts on many of the sites in the area just as you will with Bretignolles sur Mer and many other resorts on the west coast of France.

Many families with small children tend to stay nearer the north – Picardy, Normandy, Brittany and the Vendée, but there are a great many who go further afield and drive down to the south coast, the Mediterranean, either to the Provence region or the Languedoc-Roussillon where shopping is a tad cheaper.

However, if you like water sports such as surfing then stick to the west coast from la Tranche down to the borders of France and Spain and you will find that the further south you drive the better the surfing is.

How about combining a self drive camping holiday in France with all the exhilaration of a surfing holiday where the surf is very often 5 metres or more?

Last update: 17.06.2016

Last update: 17.06.2016