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Yurt camping, posh camping or Glamping; It's all the same.

Reference material used: http://www.qualitycamping.co.uk/yurt-camping/yurt-holiday-breaks.php

Yurt camping started hundreds of years ago out of necessity with someone like Attila and his hordes as it was an easily erected and dissembled accommodation, warm as toast in winter and cool in summer. There are few differences between the Yurts used all those years ago and the ones used for camping holidays today. Attila and his men, women and children, of course, lived in their Yurts as a way of life and I doubt whether they took time out for holidays other than moving on to sack a new country now and then.

Yurts are the latest in Green Leisure; they are considered to be Eco friendly because they are made from renewable materials and even the heat source is considered to be Green because they burns logs, wood etc. which causes no more damage to the environment than if the wood were left to rot down.

That's all as may be but the main thing about Yurts these days is that they are making a huge comeback in the leisure industry for camping instead of using the normal bog standard tent, and having experienced a few nights in one I can vouch for the fact that they are superbly comfortable.

In the UK your Yurt has some form of heating, and this is nearly always in the form of a wood burner which is centrally located so that the excess smoke goes through a hole in the roof rather than into your poor little pink lungs. In France and the rest of Europe they may or may not have log burners but this is something you need to check before booking.

They have beds: proper beds and proper bed coverings, either duvets or sheets according to the owners. Not only do they have beds they also have cookers and cooking utensils. Fridges are standard and some have fridge/freezers too. The one we stayed in had a wonderful decked area outside and a verandah, but I am told that not all Yurts have this last item. Most have electricity so that you can while away the ghastly wet British summer evenings playing cards, reading or playing scrabble. They have floors too - nice wooden floors so that the damp doesn't get in, and I think that is a nice touch.

Whoever was responsible for the Yurt camping resurgence, they seem to have done a good job because for once Olde Englande is in the forefront of something trendy - we are even in front of France in the Yurt camping holiday field - a country which virtually invented camping for leisure use.

Even then, most of the camp site owners in France who rent out their Yurts are Brits. We have another sister site which gives information about Yurt camping in France. We know of a Yurt camping site in the Algarve, Portugal but apart from that the other countries in Europe are trailing a little behind us for once.

Last updated 17.6.2016

Last update: 17.06.2016