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Camping St Jean de Monts

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St Jean de Monts is one of the most popular towns on the west coast of France for camping holidays, and you may read about it in various holiday brochures described as "bustling" in high season. Yes, it gets busy then but there is plenty of space, and even at weekends if you want to go to the main beach area above the town there is a massive double car park, tastefully laid out, which stretches the whole length of the promenade.

St Jean is situated in northern Vendée and is just a tad south of Noirmoutier. If your ferry takes you to St Malo then you should be able to make St J de M in a tad less than 3 hours, but remember that whilst campsites are not closed at 11 pm the automatic barrier will drop at precisely that time. That means you will have to park outside the site and carry or trolley your luggage to your mobile. Most sites have English speaking couriers who will wait for your arrival.

Camping in St Jean de Monts – Link is quite delightful and it has more or less everything a holidaymaker could wish for, including an English/Irish bar which is open all year round but which closes around 10 pm. The one thing it does lack is nightlife, though this is more common than not in the towns and villages associated with camping holidays – your nightlife is normally in the bar of your site with acts put on sometimes and karaoke if you dare.

OK, not being able to party may not suit everyone but after many, many years of campsite holidays I have never heard anyone moan, and most couples and families prefer to have a few drinks around their mobile home or with others they have met on site.

Campsites in and around this town are all superb and well equipped, as are the mobile homes and tents on site, so when you book there is no wondering if the site will be suitable – it will be!

Like quite a lot of French seaside towns, most of St Jean de Monts is well below sea level. There is the top of the town - the promenade, car parking and a line of hotels, nice restaurants and shops all at sea level but there are streets leading off from the top going steeply down (about 100 metres) to a shopping area which is really the middle part of the town. That area also sports a car park so if you know where to look you will at least be able to park your jalopy.

Further down still – roughly another 100 metres - is another car park which doubles as the market place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, more shops, a Tabac and a supermarket which is opposite the English/Irish pub (well worth a visit), but we have often wondered what would happen here if there was a mini tsunami because the bottom part of the town is several hundred feet below the beach!

Most of the campsites in St J de M are as close to the sea as possible though that is still about 800 metres which is within easy walking distance, and there are tracks now and then where you can drive to within a few metres of the beach and where there is ample parking.

Places to visit near St Jean de Monts

St Hilaire de Riez and St Gilles Croix de Vie are nearby and just a few kms to the south. Both have nice shopping streets, cafe areas and there are beaches as well, where to the north if you follow the coast road (D38) you will get to the Ile de Noirmoutier - it is so well signposted that you simply cannot miss it.

Noirmoutier has some lovely beaches too and there are a couple of picturesque little towns at the top end, but before you reach there you will probably notice some large lakes on your left (the west side) which form part of a nature reserve.

Going south again but still on the same D 38 road and past St Hilaire and St Gilles is a little town called Bretignolles sur Mer which is yet another one of the many small camping holiday resorts in this part of the Vendee.

Just a few kms further south again is the larger town of les Sables d'Olonne which is great for shopping, and again, there are some lovely beaches as well.

Down yet again is another resort, la Tranche sur Mer which is about the same size as St Jean, but this place is at sea level rather than below it.

The whole region is a delightful place to take your holidays but camping in St Jean de Monts is like camping anywhere else - the holiday is pretty much the same but St Jean has that little extra, the "je ne sais quoi" factor.

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