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Camping in the South of France

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The aim of the game for this page is to guide you round the most popular camping and mobile home resorts in the true south of France - and that means along the Med coast, the French Riviera, or the Cote d'Azur roughly from Montpellier to the border with Monaco. This region is known as Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur. The other half of this coastline, which is Languedoc-Roussillon, we have written about on another page.

Holidaymakers here are lucky because camping in the South of France – link - means you are in line for the most amount of sunshine the country has to offer, and that is obviously a magnet for anyone taking camping holidays. Holidays themselves don't cost any more in this region than anywhere else in France, but the ever increasing fuel costs, Autoroute tolls and the high cost of living in the south can make a significant dent in your budget, and the shops are mega expensive!

Canadel, or to give the place its proper name, the village of Le Rayol-Canadel on the French Riviera lies between St Tropez and Le Lavandou, and faces the Cornich des Maures which is a part of the Mediterranean Sea. The commune of two conjoined villages, Le Rayol and Canadel, over the years, has developed around the sheltered beach there. The locals are rightly proud of their Provencal style village houses and the large marina. And for winter sports enthusiasts the ski slopes of Greolieres les Neiges are just 2 hours away.

This little place has become popular for camping and mobile home holidays in recent years and if you are driving down here then we can safely say that it is well worth the journey to have a holiday here as Canadel has one of the most gorgeous settings along this part of the coast.

Holidays apart, this village is famous for the quite extraordinary gardens of Domaine du Rayol which are on the headland overlooking the sea and the Baie de Figuier, and round about there you will find a great many cork oaks, mimosa and pine trees. Something to see and do in your time in the south

St Tropez, just a short distance eastwards around the coast, is one of the main holiday hotspots of the south of France, and the surrounding area has a plethora of camping and mobile home sites. It's the same old story all over again: Small fishing village in the south of France got a big reputation virtually overnight when Brigitte Bardot was filmed here by Roger Vadim in And God Created Woman in 1954.

Today it is a busy, crowded, highly fashionable and monstrously expensive place for the average holidaymaker, but it has that je ne sais quoi which draws visitors back time after time.

The old town itself is still delightful with its winding medieval streets of traditionally painted fishermen’s cottages boutiques and restaurants - even if there are no fishermen these days. It still boasts a port though with fishing boats moored alongside mega yachts, and there is still a market in the market place. All in all one has to say that St Trop really is Cote d'Azur chic!

Port-Grimaud - Now this is one extremely well heeled area to live, or indeed, to take a holiday. The modern Port Grimaud only came into being on the north shore of the Golfe de Saint-Tropez in 1966 - the original having been built about 6kms inland all to shield it from pirate attacks some centuries ago.

The new Port Grimaud is arranged into four little islands, each joined by canals and bridges of wood or stone, and the whole place has become a huge tourist attraction with over 1 million visitors a year who can be transported by barges. Quite a few of larger UK tour operators have a presence on campsites around Port Grimaud.

Frejus, which is roughly between St Tropez and Cannes, is another jewel in the camping south of France crown. These days it is virtually merged with St Raphael which is yet another resort for camping holidays, but I (the editor) remember well staying at these two places in the 1960's when they were little more than dusty little villages.

That last doesn't really do the place justice as it was a very important town (city) in Roman times and there is still plenty of Roman history to be found there. The main town of Frejus is about a mile inland from the coast, though it does have its own beach, slightly to the east -  a long sandy beach as well as a large marina.

The old centre of St Raphael is a more neglected version than that of the larger neighbouring town of Frejus, but it is still a very important resort in the Cote d'Azur, and one of the richest too! Great beaches, lots of history nearby but keep a check on your spending!

The list of camping venues in the south of France is a long one, but we have concentrated on the resorts which are most used by Brit tourists.

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