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Camping la Tranche

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Editor's note: I and my family have stayed many times in and around la Tranche and the Longeville area when some of our friends owned a campsite there at Les Clos des Pins, so I can say with conviction that the whole area is wonderful.

Camping in la Tranche

La Tranche is a bustling and lively resort with good surfing beaches to be found nearby in Longeville. It is one of the more southerly camping resorts in the Vendée on Frances’ west coast before reaching the border with Poitou-Charentes and the next camping region of Charente-Maritime.

It is worth remembering that to a point the further south you go the better the weather, and so it is that the Vendée is a tad warmer than Normandy and Brittany, all of which makes camping in la Tranche a real delight

La Tranche beaches are Blue Flag and on the outskirts there are sand dunes and pine forests to wander through.

About 6 Km south from Longeville and on the very edge of the town there is a large supermarket on the fringe of La Tranche.

La Tranche itself is well worth a visit: it always seemed to us to be a jolly place with lots of things happening, and of course there are the shops, so leave your wallet behind guys! In fairness we much preferred the beaches around Longeville to those of La Tranche, but the atmosphere of La Tranche takes some beating.

The beaches, oh yes! People come from a long way away just for the surfing! If you can't surf properly then the next best thing is to buy a cheap body board from a shop or the supermarket and it's nearly as much fun. Another fact about the west coast is that the further south you travel the better is the surfing, and that applies all the way down to the border with Spain.

There are masses of camping facilities in the immediate area, including Camping les Dunes which is a friendly campsite situated at Les Conches de Longeville about five miles from La Tranche-sur-Mer, between Sables d’Olonne and La Rochelle.

Getting to la Tranche is easy enough from any of the northern ports, though your best bet is undoubtedly St Malo, with Caen and Cherbourg being the next best choices. Head for Rennes in Brittany and from there follow signs for Nantes and/or Bordeaux.

From there you get to the Nantes périphériqué which can be a tad daunting the first time so take care with the signs. Once on the périphériqué you need to follow signs for Bordeaux before getting off it at junction 48 and heading for La Roche sur Yon. At la Roche simply follow signs for la Tranche.

Slightly further afield from Les Dunes is the bustling town of Les Sables D'Olonne - take the D747 from La Tranche and then head for Les Sables on the D949 - it's about 40Km or 25 miles. There is a wonderful outdoor Zoo where very few of the animals are caged. Monkeys steal your food in the Zoo restaurant and all of the exotic birds that we saw were free to fly if they wished.

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