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Camping in Brittany

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When camping in Brittany you have a huge choice of resorts and Luckily, Brittany is served by two main ferry ports which are on the doorstep; Roscoff and St Malo, though Caen and Cherbourg are not too far away either.

The climate and the coastlines are quite similar to our county of Cornwall - not surprising really when you think that they were joined together until some thousands of years ago.

We have created this page to help talk you through the most popular resorts for camping in Brittany.

So, assuming you have just come off the boat at St Malo and are looking for a camping/mobile home holiday in Brittany we could start with St Cast-le-Guido which is just a few kms along the northern coast. This area is one much favoured by school holiday trips and has no less than seven beaches. It has been popular since the beginning of the 20th century when sea bathing started to catch on.

Going a little further on we get to the seaside resort of Sables-d'Or-les-Pins which is known for its long beach, but not much in the way of camping holidays, though further on still and a little to the north is the little town of Paimpol which is an established camping holiday resort.

This is an attractive little town with cobbled street and granite houses, but these days the old fishing harbour has lost ground and been taken over mainly as a pleasure harbour- a shame but thatís how the world is these days

Going west now we reach the resort of Perros-Guirec, a well known resort at the heart of the Pink Granite Coast, or Cote de Granit Rose. It's a great location and has some lovely beaches, the main one being a nice sandy beach in a cove sheltered by the rocky outlet of land on both sides. The streets are lined with palm-trees and there are lovely stone villas with slate rooves. Nice place!

Carantec is next on our Brittany list, and this is a tiny little town in the Baie de Morlaix and roughly 10 kms to the east of Roscoff port - pretty handy if you sailed into Roscoff though!  Carantec has seven good beaches and about 18 kms of cliff walks. There is plenty of parking and no parking charges at the moment, but that can change overnight. The industry here is mainly derived from tourism, agriculture and horticulture.

For the purposes of this page we bypass most of western Brittany and concentrate now on the south coast where we first reach the ever popular resort of Benodet in the south west. Benodet about 16 kilometres south of Quimper and is one of the most fashionable resorts in Brittany and is situated facing the sea at the Anse de Benodet.

It certainly gets busy in summer time and it is in the summer season when most of the events there take place such as the Obelix Trophy, a sailing race in May with about 100 boats taking part over 4 days and organised by the Odet Yacht Club.

Friday evenings in summer there are a series of music concerts, Rock etc, and there is a market in the town centre every Monday.

There is one little place which isn't on the coast at all, but inland and roughly 10 miles northeast of Quimper, and that is Arzano, quite near to Benodet, Beg-Meil and Concarneau. The camping sites round here are mostly quite close to the river Elle where you can go kayaking and canoeing. Nice little place.

Back now to the south coast of what is really Finistere but travelling eastwards now there is a cluster of popular camping and mobile home holiday resorts around the Baie de la Foret, starting with Beg-Meil which lies at the Pointe de Beg-Meil would you believe, and going around the bay to Fouesnant and Concarneau.

Beg-Meil is a pretty little seaside village really with big beaches, plenty of restaurants, shops, cafes and childrenís beach club in high season. Nice place and well worth a holiday there.

Fouesnant has about 15 km of coastline with a long beach running west between the headlands of Beg-Meil and Mousterlin, in addition to the idyllic Cap-Coz  at the top of the Baie de la Foret, all of which goes into making it a popular tourist destination. Indeed, one must think this is vital because around Fouesnant, there are only woods, bogs, and beaches, so you can imagine that it is the ideal place for open air holidays.

Lace making has been a tradition here for many, many years, and strips of the stuff, which is purported to be the best in Brittany, are still worn in festivals today. Indeed, twas only after much thought that we decided to share this little gem with you!

Concarneau is next; one of the busiest fishing ports in the whole of France, and if you are up early enough in the morning just after the fleet gets in you can buy fresh fish directly from the boat.

Concarneau, though still in the same bay and same immediate area, is far larger than the previous two resorts and is made up of two distinct parts - a modern town on the mainland and a medieval walled town situated on an island in the centre of Concarneau harbour.

Concarneau is a very popular area with tourists as it has 10 camping sites and 23 hotels and there are lots of small beaches all around which makes it great for families. It is home to the lively La Fete des Filets Bleus every August, which celebrates fishermen through traditional dance and entertainment, though the last time we were there we believe that some alcohol crept into the festivities.

Raguenes-Plage is our next destination and this is slap bang on the coast a few kms southeast of Concarneau. Raguenes is tiny by any standards but what it lacks in size it makes up for in having superb beaches and general cleanliness.

Travelling east again we happen upon Carnac which most people have at least heard of even if they haven't visited. Carnac of course is most famous for the Alignments or Megaliths which surround it and which probably pre-date even Stone Henge - there are various views about that. It has a beach, it has a promenade and shops at sea level - not a bad place for a camping holiday but nothing special.

Ditto with Carnac Plage really which is just a stone's throw away from Carnac itself and is really just an extension of the town. Personally I wouldn't bust a gut to visit either, but that's just my opinion.

Just a couple of kms futher along the coast is the little town of La Trinite -sur-Mer which is a seriously nice place and much less commercialised than Carnac. The town is a small port really, located at the heart of the bay of Quiberon, and has a seaside quay surrounded by seafood restaurants. It is also known for its sailing and boating events.

We cannot go any further without giving a mention to Quiberon which is a 15 km long peninsular jutting out from the coast of southern Brittany. Quiberon town which is quite upmarket, lies at the far end of the peninsular and there are some decent beaches there plus rocky outcrops, but having been dragged there twice on holidays my opinion is that this is a completely boring waste of space, and the best thing about it is the road back to the mainland.

The campsites are nice enough but the whole atmosphere is spoiled by a small private aerodrome which starts early and finishes late. No camping companies mention this fact in their brochures!

La Baule is next on the itinerary, and this is larger than most of the resorts we have mentioned so far. It is situated on the western side of the river Loire and has a promenade and extensive beaches formed around a bay which is described as being the most beautiful bay in Europe. It is an upmarket town so you may find that the shops can easily absorb any spare Euros you can throw at them.

Last but by far from least we arrive in Pornic which is near to la Baule but at the other side of the river Loire and you need to go over the hump backed and frighteningly high bridge at Nazaire to get there. To be 100% fair Pornic is in the Loire-Atlantique but it is too pretty a place for us not to give it a mention.

Pornic is petite and very chic, another upmarket part of northern France and the house prices here are through the roof. However, for the holidaymaker this town is a delight and has ample car parking space and some nice little shops dotted all around - including a vast ice cream parlour which has every flavour under the sun.

There is a natural harbour here which is overlooked by one of the most impressive chateaux you are likely to see in quite a while.

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