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Bad credit / guaranteed personal loans

If you have a site on bad credit and guaranteed personal loans please contact us in order to have it considered for addition to our website.

Below are lists of companies and organisations that will  help you with loans. We have also included advice site for you on how to avoid loans and restructure debts, which may help negate the need for a guaranteed or bad debt personal loan.

This site has a great listing of some companies that provide guaranteed personal loans and may consider your application even if your credit score is less than optimal!

This company appears to have good reviews, with (at the time of review) a 9.5/10 rating from  213 reviews of their site. Please read their terms of service and the reviews carefully to assess whether you feel they are the right company to make that guaranteed personal loan for you.

This is the Government's  help line on debt advice. They offer free, impartial advice and help on getting out of debt and ways in which you can help yourself and options available to you if you're looking to reduce the need for a guaranteed personal loan. You never know, you may not even need that loan after all. Either way, they will help give you a clearer picture and where to go next to help you out of the position you are in.


Last update: 11.07.2016