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Legend has it that coffee was first discovered in ancient Ethiopia by a shepherd or goatherd who noticed that his charges became overly frisky when they had eaten the red berries of a certain shrub. It seems that what's good for the goat is good for the goatherd, so he tried some himself and found that they helped him to stay awake and be more alert during his night time guard duty. That must be the caffeine element I guess. Fortunately for us coffee lovers someone discovered that the seeds could be turned into a delicious drink after they had been roasted and ground. The process evolved and that is why we now have gourmet coffee.

Gourmet coffee is best made from beans that have been picked at just the right moment of ripeness. This is quite a demanding process because not all of the beans ripen at the same time, so there is a need for the grower to constantly monitor the coffee crop and pick only the ripe coffee cherries at any given time.

After picking, the coffee beans are processed in one of two ways, either soaking and washing the beans to remove the chaff from the bean itself, or using a more natural dry method. Either method has its own advantages and will produce a fine gourmet coffee if done correctly.

Last update: 01.07.2016