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Yurt camping holidays in France

It seems a long time ago now, but in reality it was only last year (2008) when I was asked by a very small relative what a Yurt was. I think he had seen the print out of an email from a delightful lady who had recently set up a Yurt camping holiday business with her partner in South West France. Some months later the site was well up there in Google for Yurt camping holidays in France. The Yurt site is based in the Limousin, South West France, but you don't want to read about it here....just check out the site!

We love to holiday in France but we normally rent a mobile home in the Vendee region. Anyway, I explained to the small person that Yurts originated from way, way back and were really tents made from animal skins. I explained that they had to be warm and cosy because the earliest inhabitants of Yurts to my knowledge were Mongolians who had to suffer horrendously cold winters, and if they were good enough for Attila the Hun then they're good enough for me. The only difference being that the Huns didn't take holidays in their Yurts, unless you count being away from home sacking half the known world as a holiday.

But times change and Yurt camping holidays are becoming the in thing as the Eco Warriors are hailing Yurts as being the Greenest things since the Jolly Green Giant - because of the way they are constructed I suppose - locally sourced construction materials are used wherever possible and the wooden frameworks are sourced from renewable forests. Even the heating system are the greenest of green thingies - oh yes, they have heaters in to keep you nice and snug on your Med holiday in August. These heaters are usually wood burners and I was reliably informed that they count as being Green because burning wood leaves no more of a carbon footprint that leaving the stuff to rot away. That's as may be but what about the choking smoke I asked? Ooops, you shouldn't ask questions of green people that they can't answer lest they stick pins in your dolly.

I envisage in 2009 there will be lots of Brits with the usual red and over burned torsos, soot blackened faces like the SAS have when they go on a job, all picking bits of ash out of their wine. God only knows what the sausages will be like!

Seriously though, Yurts are here and has got into to stay as you can see and read on our sister site which is all about camping and mobile home holidays, but where there are pages about Yurt camping in general and Yurt camping in France in particular, even Cornwall has got into Yurt camping holidays now There are also pages there for Glamping in France, short for glamorous camping, and Glamping anywhere.

Yurt holidays are here to stay, so if you like to take camping holidays then why not give it a try?
Last update: 21.09.2016