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Property for sale in Brittany

Being a humble Web Directory editor rather than a French estate agent or property developer, I set about wondering what advantages there are, if any, to buying a property for sale in Brittany rather than elsewhere in France. I guess that the distance has a little something to do with it, with Brittanty being virtually on the doorstep from the ferry terminal at St Malo or Roscoff, though the latter ferry jouney from the UK can be a rather nauseating experience if you aren't a good sailor.

The areas around St Malo, Dinard and Dinan are lovely indeed but unfortunately property prices reflect their popularilty, putting them out of reach for most Brits looking for a second home. There are much better bargains to be had further westwards along the coast towards Roscoff where there are some sheltered little seaside villages such as St Jacut de la Mer. Further west still is Finisterre which I personally wouldn't like to visit from Autumn onwards because of the fierce Atlantic winds and storms.

On the other side, Brest and Quimper, Quiberon, Carnac etc are a goodly drive away from the channel ports, but the winters are far milder than in the more northerly parts. The coastal strip from La Baule through St Nazaire and across the Loire estuary to Pornic is popular with the French themselves for second homes, so property prices are understandably higher, indeed, I was astounded last year (2007) when I saw how much ordinary houses were fetching in Pornic - certainly more than we could afford even if we sold up here!

So, is that idyllic property for sale that you've just found really worth it? Only you can decide. We have added a few companies below who have property for sale in Brittany, and if you have a business dealing with property for sale in Brittany you can have it added to this page rather cheaply by contacting us.

Sunshine Estates - Brittany has some of the lowest priced property for sale in Europe,and is an attractive choice for property buyers. Due to its accessibility, it has become very popular with the British and as a result there has been a rise in property prices in certain areas. While property on the coast is more expensive, it is worth venturing inland where bargains can still be found.....

Le Guide - Property for sale in Brittany and Northern France. 



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