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Finance as a term covers quite a lot of ground; loans, mortgages, re-mortgages, brokers and quotes, hire purchase and general banking. The competition in this area is massive, but the rewards to successful mortgage brokers is equally large, often with a vast amount of commission available to brokers when they clinch a deal.


UK business mortgages
Small business mortgage

Boat loans
High risk personal loans

Guaranteed personal loans
Instant personal loan

Loans for people with bad credit
Real estate home loans
Credit Card Consolidation
Council tenants mortgage
UK remortgage quote
Self employed mortgage

Unclaimed money
Marine finance
Caravan finance
Car finance

About this section
Loans are just as difficult for a Directory to compete in, and though the rewards for us are less than they are with mortgages, they are still very high for the successful broker.

Our finance section will grow at a steady rate and we shall continue to offer as much text information as possible about the companies and their products which we list, rather more in fact than the some companies themselves initially offer sometimes.


Last update: 30.06.2016