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Short Family Breaks:

Take the family away for a while and charge up your batteries.

Most of us are fortunate enough to have a family of some sort, whether it be a close one or not, and if you have a hectic working schedule you may not be able to spend as much quality leisure time with them as you might wish, so lots of people have started to take short breaks here and there to make the best of the available time we each have. Where to take the family? It doesn't really matter so long as there is some sense of adventure involved. Why not ask the kids if they are of an age to make an informed decision?

These times away with family are made so much easier if you are all outdoor types  - well not so much easier as vastly cheaper because you can buy a tent with all the necessary camping equipment  and take off into the wilderness for a magical camping weekend every now and then. Even British summers allow us enough weekends to go camping, so why not give that idea a try?

Probably camping is one of my (the editor) better ideas because having been a camper all my life I know that it binds the family together, gives each and every family member a sense of responsibility and importance. It brings out the best in most of us and certainly encourages those who are a tad shy to shine where there previously was only a flicker of light.

The above is not for everyone I know so why not check out the budget airlines and see what short breaks they have available for your family? Even with all the hype about airport taxes flying is still a cheap option these days and there are offers to be had by the bucketload.

You will see the positive influence of these breaks on you and on your family. All of you after returning from your short break will start you routine work life with more positive attitude and will put in more effort to accomplish your daily routine tasks. Select the destination for your short break with the consent of all your family members and make sure that it suits your budget.

Last update: 04.07.2016