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Short breaks in Europe

The more that European cities open their doors to budget airlines the more Europe seems to shrink, which in turn has the effect that nowhere is long haul in Europe at all any more and only a few places are medium haul. Of course this has had a dramatic effect on the economy of quite a few cities in Europe, such as Prague for instance, which is now one of the most used for stag and hen party revellers for short breaks. The fact that those same people are spoiling the place for others is another matter entirely which we cannot go into here.

Even so, shrinking world or not, Europe is a pretty big area with stacks of places well worth visiting both in summer and winter. The one factor which has helped to make European destinations available to nearly everyone is without doubt the availability of cheap, no frills flights which allow anyone with the necessary time to take short breaks at a moment's notice. Being able to fly to more or less any destination in Europe for just a few Pounds or Euros is great so long as you read the small print of the offer.

We have been made aware, as you probably are too, that some airlines are offering flights for virtually peanuts, but they clean up and make a bomb on other things such as food for instance, for which they charge a premium. Some carriers charge more than the actual flight if you don't check in online. Of course, this makes a mockery of the term "cheap flights" and something like this will surely spoil your short break in Europe.

It sure is nice to fly off into the sunshine when we can, but if you are a skiier and simply don't have a week to spare in the skiing season, or the finance just then to go for long then you can rely on the good old short break away for a few days, hire your gear on arrival at the resort and ski like a mad thing for a few days before returning home refreshed and ready to take on the world again.
Last update: 04.07.2016