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Egg packaging and grader

New for egg graders - An improved high speed egg grading system wherein a pair of opposed lifting bars disposed on rotating rings transfer eggs over a plurality of weighing stations, and a conveyor belt is provided for removing graded eggs spaced two abreast. An improved drive is provided for the bars which insures gentle pick-up and set down of the eggs at weighing stations where scales incorporating damping means to reduce settling out time are located

Ovotherm - High tech egg packs made by Ovotherm show not only the production of clear egg packs made of R-PET, but also their performance on egg packaging machines and gives a lot of valuable information about the company. Ovotherm are responding directly to customer needs by offering solutions that go beyond standard products. Ovotherm's product variety provides the benefits of complex egg packaging solutions. Select from our wide product range

Last update: 21.06.2018