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How to find out if someone has lost their driving licence.

Want to check to find out if someone has a driving license or a full driving licence?

UK driving licence checks 

We get a lot of people searching for 'can you check if someone has a driving licence?' and whether someone has driving licence, including driving licence checks for employers. The answer is yes, and the fastest way to start to DVLA check someone's driving licence is by using this licence checking service from the government here: https://www.gov.uk/check-driving-information

 dvla licence check someone's driving licence

Driving Licence Verification Service for employers

Licence CheckDriving Licence checks and full DVLA verification services are available from Licence Check today. Our unique, driving license checking service is invaluable to Fleet Managers, HR Departments, Directors and Businesses. Our Award Winning online Licence Checking service will help you meet your 'Duty of Care' responsibility and obligations under the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) regulations by verifying that your employees and company drivers hold a valid driving licence and categories for the vehicles they are issued to drive on company business. This verified driving licence information from licence checking can be used to identify 'At-Risk' drivers to further improve your fleet safety policy. Avoid potential legal issues and allow Licence Check to introduce a systematic driving licence checking policy for all your drivers.

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Risk assessments are critical, employers are obliged to implement measures in line with HSE Health and Safety at Work and Duty of Care Act when providing company vehicles to staff or employees. Who does it concern'

To determine whether your business needs a driving licence verification service, consider the following questions:

Do you provide company vehicles to your employees'
Do you allow employees to use their own vehicles on business trips'
Do you use a pool vehicle facility'
If the answer to any of the above is 'Yes', then recent changes to the law will affect you or your company.

Employers' liability
The Road Traffic Act states that not only is it an offence to drive a motor vehicle without a valid driving licence, but that is an offence to cause or permit someone to do so. Nearly 1,000,000 current road users are on the brink of losing their licence. It is an employer's responsibility to carry out driving licence checks on all their employees and indeed on anyone who drives one of their vehicles.

Employers are at serious risk if their drivers are on the road without a valid driving licence or are driving a company vehicle on a licence that does not reflect their licence eligibility.

Have you verified the driving licence of every driver under your control'
Do you hold a copy of all driving licences on file'
When did you last check the authenticity of a driving licence'

Our experience shows that the vast majority of businesses ignore their responsibility, take unnecessary risks or simply do not understand the serious risks they are exposed to. Would you like to understand more' Make it your business to find out more. For more details click here. Make it your business to check driving licences against the DVLA database. Instruct Licence Check to do the job for you. We'll make it our business to protect your business. How we can help

Licence Check provides fleet and business users with an online facility that allows Fleet Managers, Human Resource Departments, Managers and Directors direct access to an online record of any company vehicle driver or any individual who has the use of a company vehicle. Licence Check has an approved facility which enables us to access any individual driving licence record as held by the DVLA.

Working directly with the DVLA to offer a seamless process provides our customers with the best solution in today's market. Licence Check offers a 3-year driving licence mandate agreement, saving you time, money and the resources that you would otherwise deploy collecting driving licence information on an annual basis. Our service will help protect your business from rogue drivers, the new Corporate Manslaughter charges and prosecution under the Duty of Care Act whilst driving at Work Act. For more details click here. Don't take the risk and employ drivers without first verifying their driving licence records with Licence Check.

Simply ask your drivers to complete a driving licence mandate which, under the Data Protection Act, provides permission for Licence Check to carry out the verification procedure. This can be done at any time: pre-employment, when a driver joins the company, when issuing new vehicle requests, when dealing with insurance renewals, when joining car benefit schemes or when implementing new policy procedures. Why miss the obvious' You've checked their references, why not their driving licence'
Licence Check provides ongoing support with 24hr secure access to all your driver records.

Information is downloadable by category (Group, Company Subsidiary, Department, Employee) and includes bespoke reports and licence check frequency recommendations. Talk to Licence Check today on 0845 226 9686 Directgov - Driving Licensing - IOSH Institution of Occupational Health and Safety Corporate Manslaughter CPS Driving Offence Guide

Last update: 09.10.2018