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Dry skin cream

Dry skin is a scaly and itchy condition, not necessarily a disease, which most affects the face, hands, arms and legs. One of the causes for dry skin is in it's inability to retain moisture, and as such can be best treated with moisturizing creams which are able to penetrate through the layers of skin to alleviate the discomfort. Over-use of soap and water, a dry, warm indoor climate, excessive sunbathing and other environmental effects have a great influence on how dry the skin can become.

Natural body skin creams : dry skin care product

Corium 21 is an Aloe Vera based skin cream designed to help in the treatment of dry skin. Corium 21 is far more than a moisturizer: it has a unique balance of nutrients, vitamins and emollients which deliver more of the benefits of Aloe Vera to help restore even seriously dry skin into healthy, glowing skin. For a good 2000 years Aloe Vera has been revered for it's moisturizing and rejuvenating properties, and today a great many health and beauty products use Aloe Vera as an active ingredient - but which one? There are over 180 species and 2,200 varieties of Aloe Vera. Corium 21 contains the one variety of Aloe Vera known to be the most effective in the treatment of dry skin. Your satisfaction is assured by our 100% money-back guarantee.

Corium 21 users frequently report dramatic results far superior to any other Aloe Vera skin cream; even relief from problem dry skin conditions. What makes Corium 21 different?

Pure, potent aloe is the predominant ingredient in Corium 21. But, is Aloe alone enough? A good comparison is with the effectiveness of vitamins. For example, vitamin E is one of the best known and most effective vitamins; it's an antioxidant, it's good for your heart, it's good for your circulation and it is effective internally as well as externally. All in all, quite a vitamin! However, were you to take only vitamin E to the exclusion of all others, would you be healthy? Probably not. Your body needs the proper balance of vitamins and minerals to operate at peak health. The same has found to be true for the health of your skin. Corium 21 supports the power of Aloe Vera with the correct combination of nutrients, emollients, and vitamins in proper balance to help with dry skin conditions.

Last update: 13.07.2016