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Clothing is a massive category, and again extremely competitive as far as the internet goes. Our first forays into advertising any clothing at all on the internet was with ladies jumpers which initially gained a creditable 9th place on the first page of a major search engine. We then dabbled into ladies sports clothing for golf sand horse riding and in the near future will be expanding this section, as the category is so huge.


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We have experienced huge success on another website with regimental clothing and hope to emulate that with pages from Live Listings, particularly with larger sizes of clothes.

Our firm belief is that surfers are seeking specific items when browsing the net such as "ladies cashmere sweater" rather than the more generic term of "ladies jumpers", so we intend to take the clothing section very seriously after researching each keyword term carefully.

Though Live Listings will never be a general clothing site we most certainy believe that there is enough work to be done in this area to keep one person busy for many months.

Last update: 09.07.2016