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Cheap travel insurance: Please note that we only provide a certain amount of information about travle insurance: we are not insurance agents and do not provide cover of any sort for travel or holidays. 

Please also note that this page is for cheap travel insurance as opposed to holiday insurance though it does cover the latter: the difference being that travel covers business travel whereas holiday insurance does not.

Going on holiday? It is best to compare cheap travel insurance quotes and cover and buy your policy online or through a trusted broker rather than pay more through a travel agent because travel agents often make more money selling insurance than holidays.

The insurance you eventually buy may depend on whether you need cover for an annual trip, a single holiday trip or long stay, and don't forget to consider insurance for winter sports holidays, baggage cover and cover in case you need to cancel your trip for a pressing reason. In a nutshell, you need to know that your travel insurance will be sufficient for you and your belongings, wherever you are in the world.

We are constantly reminded in the News and in the Press that we are a country in recession and fair enough, money is tight for many people, but if we can afford  to go away on holiday then we can afford at least the basic cheap travel insurance to go with it. The implications for anyone going on holiday without travel insurance are mind boggling, not just for them but for the rest of their party too. Probably the two worst scenarios are for someone to pass away or have a bad accident whilst on holiday, and in either case the costs are horrendous. Basically, if you don't have sufficient travel insurance then you have to pay for your treatment which could include a flight home in an air ambulance. Can you afford to take the risk?

Last update: 24.06.2016