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Cheap motorcycle insurance quotes

Motorcyle riders come under four main headings:-
Responsible riders and irresponsible riders, young riders and more mature riders.

Looking at things from an insurer's point of view you may agree that the more mature riders with a good record are the better bet, and so are more deserving of a cheaper insurance quote, and we are fairly certain that insurance comparison sites will confirm that fact. Young riders have to start somewhere but they really have to prove themselves to be responsible riders before being qualified to get cheap insurance for their bike.

Some motorcycle insurers (or their brokers/agents) will allow you to insure your bike on a monthly basis - this is called pay as you go insurance and because it is flexible in that way you may find that it is not as cheap as some other quotes which require you to pay up front. You can rarely have it both ways.

There are other insurers and brokers who will quote you for cheap modified motorcycle insurance though you may find that this is less cheap than for a none modified bike.

Last update: 24.06.2016