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Caravan accessories

Well all you caravan owners, it appears that you guys are not the most popular people on the road - not our words by any means - but we are sure that you must have had to counter this arguement in the past anyway, and we only mention it here because one thing you could do to make yourselves a tad more popular would be to delve into a specialist caravan accessories shop and buy a towing attachment which will stop your caravan swaying from side to side the faster you go. I have no idea what it must be like to drive and tow like that but you can count me in as being as scared as anyone else when I'm driving behind such a danderous phenomenon.

Now come on you people, this is something which needs to be addressed by caravanners and caravan clubs as well. The main thing is to tow safely and there are quite a number of you out there who simply ignore that fact. However, it isn't for me to lecture about legalities; I'm here to write about caravan accessories.

We did a mini survey recently and asked everyone we met in the pubs on holiday what they thought would be the most popular and useful caravan accessories. The results were not unexpected and awnings came out tops by a country mile, followed by water purifiers and better toilet facilities.

Well, it was only a bit of fun, but fun which gave us an insight into what the caravanning set have as priorities. Personally, I don't have a caravan but if I had then the first thing I would be thinking about would be safety, which brings us back to drivers using the aforementioned towing system which stops the caravan swaying all over the road and frightening 7 bells of Hell out of all the other road users.

But when we travel into Europe with our caravan, France, Spain and most of the other Eu countries, we need to keep up with the current motoring laws and take things with us which are considered to be standard to all roadworthy vehicles such as a good first aid kit, a red warning triangle, a complete set of replacement bulbs and the latest which is high visibility clothing - vests or jackets.

 These last must be kept in the towing vehicle, not the caravan as the driver has to be able to put one on before leaving the car/van/etc. Don't look at these as being accessories as they are legal necessities and if you are stopped by the police abroad the on the spot fine for not having any of these things is 90 Euros - per item. You have been warned.

Last update: 01.07.2016