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Self drive car hire

There are many advantages in opting for self drive car hire but the first that springs to mind is the total freedom which it gives you to go anywhere at the drop of a hat, so to speak. There are few limitations to self drive car hire, but those that there are will be settled before you take off to places far away: Things like mileage and condition may feature in the limitations which the operators stipulate but apart from that the the world is more or less your lobster!

We had booked a self drive holiday in France for the latter part of June 2007 and as usual we were going in our battered old Volvo which had been "round the clock" a couple of times and which we had anticipated giving one last foray into the French countryside before quietly disposing of it when we returned home. Tragedy struck just a few days before departure when the poor old girl finally gave up the ghost and the prognosis was that the repair would cost more than the car was worth. With a heavy heart we waved her goodbye as she rounded the corner on the back of a truck on the way to the big Volvo showroom in the Sky.

Well, the hols were booked as was the ferry, and we certainly weren't going top let the loss of a car stop us going but I didn't want to make a hasty decision about buying a replacement at that stage, so what we did instead was to call a local company who specialised in self drive car hire and they delivered a lovely Citroen Picasso the same afternoon. We filled in the paperwork over a cup of tea and my wife drove the sales guy back to his office as part of getting to know the new car.

We had loved and cherished that old Volvo for many a year: we loved the old girl despite the fact that she was a tad heavy on the juice, but we soon fell for the diesel Picasso in a big way, not least because it returned roughly 70 MPG on a long run, and we were certainly going on a long run down to the Vendee area of Western France all in one day from our bolthole here in the Midlands. The whole holiday went like a dream and one of the best bits of it was the sheer joy of driving the extremely comfortable Picasso with it's 5 individual seats and masses of luggage space. Without being able to access that self drive hire car just at the right moment we would have had to postpone our holidays.

Last update: 19.06.2018