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Log cabins and offices.

Log cabins are extremely versatile and come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you require a granny annexe (click here), home gym or a house, we can help. Other uses include holiday homes or summer houses for those warm days where you need an outside space for shelter from the sun or a pleasant place to sit and work that isn't in the house for your hobbies. People also use them for games rooms and for returning children who want their own space ad more independence, without leaving the home.

What are they made of?
The wood is from sustainable sources in the foot hills of Russia, where, because of the environment, they take a greater time to mature. The result of this is that the wood from these trees is more hard wearing and dense.

What are they like to live and work in?
As a working environment, a cabin provides a warm, light working space, which is comfortable and very pleasant to work in. The same is true for a games room. For living accommodation, even some of the larger garden houses can be used, but you need thicker walls and insulation for year round living an the wood provides a very snug, fresh environment.

Be sure to tell us what you are using it for, so that we can advise accordingly.

Last update: 06.07.2016