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Burgundy wines

Burgundy is the region that provides France’s most prestigious wines and good Burgundies have a large following in the UK. We have here a part of France where the land is divided amongst lots of small growers. Unearthing the best is the challenge suited to a local wine AFICIONADO. That is why Chateau Select have their own "Man in Bourgogne" to source quality wines for them from small growers on a near exclusive basis for the UK.

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The Burgundy region lies a couple of hundred miles east and north of Bordeaux. It covers a large area, the vineyards running in a long, thin line from Auxerre in the north to Lyon in the south. The climate is continental, with cold winters, hot summers but plenty of rain.

Chablis by far the most northerly of Burgundy's regions and is known exclusively for dry white wines. The Côte de Nuits is the home of the great red Burgundies. Some white is produced there too, but the reds are the region's glory. The Côte de Beaune known for both red and white wines, but the greatest white Burgundies,  other than Chablis are from this region. The Côte Chalonnaise generally regarded as a lesser district though it still produces some extremely fine wines, both red and white.

Last update: 13.07.2016